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US Offshore is a premier US-based provider of nearshore support services, committed to the advancement of wind farm and subsea cable projects throughout The United States and beyond. We serve as a North American hub for unparalleled expertise, boasting a dynamic and accomplished team specializing in complex, remote, and environmentally sensitive locations worldwide.

At US Offshore, we excel in delivering top-tier topside, subsea, vessel, and engineering services to the Offshore Wind and Utilities sectors. Positioned to address the burgeoning needs and requirements of the US Energy and Telecommunications, we stand as the sole US-based provider offering solutions backed by a globally-recognized history of exceptional performance. Moreover, we actively impart our knowledge and expertise to foster domestic workforce development.

We take immense pride in our role as a pioneering force within the US Offshore Wind sector, setting a standard for knowledge and excellence. Firmly rooted in our belief that superior service can be delivered punctually, cost-effectively, and with environmental consciousness, we approach each project with an unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and environmental stewardship.

Our Origin
& Remit

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US Offshore was founded with a clear vision: to facilitate and strengthen global communication and energy connectivity as a best in class, US-based provider of offshore and nearshore cable and marine services. Our primary objective is to deliver exemplary, trustworthy service and forge enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships that shape the future of the US and other key markets.


Our establishment boasts a legacy, an extensive reservoir of knowledge, and a diverse spectrum of experiences, gained and proven across projects executed along the coasts of the US, South America, Asia, West Africa, and Europe. With this collective competence and a dedicated US-based team and infrastructure, we stand poised to meet the evolving demands of the US market.


At the same time, infusing our global expertise into the American landscape, we are steadfastly committed to nurturing local technical prowess and capabilities and helping drive overall domestic capability. 

We are an agile, efficient, and transparent organization comprising adept professionals and effective problem-solvers, steadfastly dedicated to optimizing time and resources at every turn.

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