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Subsea & Underwater Services 

Tailored, cost-effective subsea inspection solutions for planned and unplanned needs

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With a wealth of experience in the European and global Offshore Wind markets, our team specializes in providing efficient and cost-effective subsea inspection solutions.


From Pre-Lay Grapnel Runs (PLGR) to comprehensive surveys and routine inspections, we are committed to delivering results that exceed client expectations.


Pre-Lay Grapnel Run / Route Clearance 


Our team executes effective PLGR and route clearance operations, crucial for smooth subsea cable installations. We meticulously clear routes for new cable installations, removing any obstacles identified during marine surveys. By eliminating subsea obstructions promptly, such as ropes, lines, and other debris, we ensure seamless installation operations, thus averting unexpected delays. All retrieved items undergo proper sorting and recycling procedures, a reflection of our commitment to environmental responsibility.


Scour Monitoring 


Scour monitoring is a vital preventive measure to safeguard foundation assets against erosion. Leveraging advanced techniques such as visual inspection, high-resolution multi-beam bathymetry, and side-scan sonar, we meticulously assess scour protection effectiveness and identify potential hazards. Rapid deployment of scour protection mitigates risks, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


ROV Survey, Monitoring, & Inspection 

Our customized ROV services offer unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness to address diverse client needs. From utilizing state-of-the-art inspection ROVs, to deploying WROVs, we tailor solutions to match specific project requirements. Through meticulous inspections, we detect early signs of issues, such as grout deterioration and cathodic anode depletion, facilitating timely intervention. The integration of innovative technologies enables efficient cable burial verification, optimizing cost efficiency for our clients.


Subsea Survey

Periodic seabed surveys utilizing cutting-edge technologies enable us to identify potential risks, such as cable exposure and free spans, before they escalate. By conducting thorough analyses and comparisons over time, we provide valuable insights to mitigate risks and minimize the need for emergency remediation works, ensuring operational continuity.


Cable Burial Survey  

Our comprehensive cable burial survey services cater to the Offshore Wind and Subsea Telecommunication industries worldwide. From WROV deployments, to diver-assisted jet sled operations, we offer flexible solutions tailored to varying water depths and project specifications. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable cable burial and verification, supporting the seamless functioning of subsea infrastructure.


Our Key Services Include

  • Subsea Scour Monitoring & Asset Protection

  • Sensitive Marine Habitat Monitoring

  • Subsea Marine Growth Inspections

  • Subsea Corrosion and Steel Inspections

  • Cathodic Anode Protection Surveys

  • Identification of Maintenance Requirements

  • Cable Touchdown Monitoring

  • Post-Lay Cable & Cable Protection Inspection

  • Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR) & Route Inspection

  • Visual Grout Inspections

  • Inspection of J-Tubes and Subsea Structures

  • Cable Burial & Burial Verification


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