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Topside Services 

Expert, cost-effective topside inspection solutions for planned and unplanned needs


US Offshore delivers localized expertise in Topside Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR), leveraging robust international partnerships to bring world-class experience and mentorship to the US Offshore Wind market. Our locally trained teams, supplemented by seasoned inspection professionals from the European market, excel in executing both planned and unplanned maintenance, inspections, and repairs.


Cost & Delay Mitigation


At US Offshore, we prioritize minimizing costs and delays for our clients. With access to top-tier technicians and support personnel, we aim to enhance operational efficiencies, leading to reduced generator downtime. By offering comprehensive service solutions, encompassing everything from Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) to engineering expertise, we streamline planning and coordination, resulting in fewer turbine visits and heightened efficiency.


Proactive Partnership Approach


Our approach emphasizes proactive, collaborative, and transparent partnerships for the balance of plant maintenance. We meticulously plan and execute projects, identifying potential issues early to facilitate optimal actions. Through meticulous planning and high-quality service delivery, we strive to minimize offshore asset degradation proactively, thereby limiting  maintenance cost escalation over the project lifecycle.


Generator Solutions 

US Offshore provides comprehensive generator power solutions throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring rapid deployment of temporary generator power solutions when needed.


Corrosion Inspection & Repair 

While offshore wind farms are engineered to withstand environmental challenges, prolonged exposure can lead to corrosion and structural risks. US Offshore specializes in maximizing asset lifespan and mitigating structural integrity risks through effective corrosion protection, prevention, and repair strategies. Leveraging our successful track record in the demanding North Sea environment, we offer tailored solutions to address corrosion challenges effectively.



Our Key Services Include

  • Corrosion Inspection & Prevention

  • Scheduled Routine Maintenance

  • Statutory Inspections

  • Rigging, Lifting, & Rope Access

  • Cleaning

  • Anode Inspection & Replacement

  • Foundation Inspection

  • Marine Growth Inspections

  • Fall Protection Inspection & Installation

  • Confined Space Entry Support

  • Critical Component Inspection & Maintenance

  • Refueling Services

  • Generator Installation & Maintenance

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Corrosion Repair & Protection

  • Preparation, Blasting, and Painting / Spray 


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