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Subsea Telecommunications

The Backbone of Global Connectivity 

In an age where connectivity is paramount, most people think of “the cloud” or satellites as being the key to this vast interconnectivity. However, subsea telecommunications cables serve as the lifelines of global communication networks. These remarkable feats of engineering traverse the ocean floor, connecting continents, countries, and communities, facilitating the seamless exchange of information across vast distances.

US Offshore's team has been a part of this industry for over a decade, installing and supporting networks across the globe, and we are poised to continue to help drive increasing connectivity in the US and beyond. 


99% of the internet network runs through subsea cables. 

Subsea telecommunications cables are the backbone of international communication, carrying over 99% of global data traffic. Spanning thousands of miles across the ocean floor, these cables link continents and enable the transmission of voice, video, and data at lightning speeds. Whether you're sending an email, streaming a movie, or conducting a business transaction, chances are it's happening through a subsea cable.

Engineering Marvels 

Designing and laying subsea telecommunications cables is a monumental engineering challenge that requires precision, expertise, and innovation. These cables must withstand extreme pressures, temperatures, and ocean currents while maintaining optimal signal integrity. State-of-the-art materials and manufacturing techniques ensure durability and reliability, even in the harshest marine environments.

Global Connectivity 

Subsea telecommunications cables play a vital role in connecting regions that would otherwise be isolated by vast oceans. They facilitate international trade, support scientific research, and enable real-time collaboration across borders. From financial transactions to emergency communications, these cables form the backbone of our increasingly interconnected world. 

Our Part

The subsea telecommunications cables are installed across the oceans and seas using specialist installation vessels. US Offshore traces its beginning to the installation of these subsea telecommunication cables. Our team provides the crucial last link between the installation vessels and the beach, as well as the burial, protection, and splicing required to make and keep these cables operational.

Looking Ahead

As the demand for data continues to grow exponentially, so too does the need for robust and resilient subsea telecommunications infrastructure. Advances in technology, such as fiber optics and improved cable designs, promise even greater capacity and efficiency in the years to come. By staying at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, we can continue to harness the power of subsea telecommunications cables to connect the world and shape the future of communication.


US Offshore continues to be a small but important part of the installation of subsea telecommunication cables, ensuring the data we rely upon every day is available across the globe.

Get Involved

Are you interested in learning more about the vital role that US Offshore can provide your subsea telecommunications cables in shaping our digital world? Whether you're a business leader, a technical lead on a project, or simply curious about the mechanics of undersea communication, we are happy to help.


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