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Cable Landfall & Shore End

Cable installation support for the Offshore Wind and Subsea Telecommunications industries 

US Offshore excels in the execution of shore end and landfall operations for subsea cables, utilizing a diverse array of methodologies tailored to meet the exacting standards of each project.  

Our proven track record showcases our leadership in delivering successful cable landfall and Direct Shore End (DSE) installations across global regions, particularly in challenging and environmentally sensitive locales.


Central to our operations is a steadfast commitment to cost and time efficiency. US Offshore offers streamlined, cost-effective solutions designed to navigate the complexities inherent in cable pull-ins with precision. Through meticulous planning and strategic partnerships, we consistently uphold the highest standards in cable installation and protection projects, resulting in reduced costs and accelerated project timelines. We approach each endeavor with a keen understanding of the technical and environmental nuances involved in cable landings, and we maintain an unwavering focus on detail in practical, logistical, and project management domains.


In addition to our proficiency in cable pull-ins and Direct Shore End services, US Offshore specializes in Pre-Laid Shore Ends (PLSE), providing enhanced project flexibility for engagements involving multiple landings.


Our Key Services Include

  • Direct Shore End (DSE) Cable Landfall

  • Pre-Laid Shore End (PLSE) Installation

  • J-Tube Pull-Ins

  • Outfall Pull-Ins

  • OGB Installation

  • Beach Burial & Trenching

  • Post-Installation Inspection & Protection

  • Remediation Works

  • Messenger Line Installation

  • ROV Support

  • HDD Outfall Installation Support

  • Crossing Protection Installation


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