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Topside Inspection

Locally delivered expertise in Topside Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR).

Through strong international partnerships, US Offshore is able to bring world class experience and mentoring to the US Offshore Wind market. Locally trained teams, supported by experienced inspection staff from the European market, we are able to execute planned and unplanned maintenance, inspection, and repairs.

Minimizing Cost and Delay

With access to world-class technicians and support staff, US Offshore seeks to provide our clients with increased efficiencies that lead to lower generator downtime. By engaging with our clients and providing a full service solution, ranging from CTVs to engineers, we can offer a single point of planning and co-ordination that involves fewer turbine visits and increased efficiency.

Proactive, collaborative, and transparent partnerships for the balance of plant are key to ensuring that maintenance is completed on schedule, to cost, and to a high standard. To that end, US Offshore operates with unrelenting attention to detail, striving to support each client and project with methodical planning and by identifying potential problems early so that the optimal action may be taken. With this approach to partnership, proactive planning, and high quality delivery of services, we believe that degredation of offshore assets can be proactively minimized and help to combat increasing maintenance costs later in the lifecycle.

Generator Solutions

US Offshore offers our clients generator power solutions throughout the lifecycle of the project, ensuring that there is a rapidlty deployable solution when temporary generator power solutions are required.

Corrosion Inspection and Repair

Offshore Wind Farms are designed to withstand the elements but, over time, the harsh, surrounding environment takes a toll. Maximizing the lifespan of the assets and mitigating the risk to the structural integrity of foundations, transition pieces, boat landings, and tower segments requires the best and appropriate corrosion protection, prevention, and sometimes damage repair.

US Offshore understands and can address the challenges of corrosion prevention and protection, having sucessfully delivered repair and prevention projects in the harsh environment of the North Sea.

Our Key Services:

  • Corrosion inspection and prevention

  • Scheduled routine maintenance

  • Statutory inspections

  • Rigging, lifting, and rope access

  • Cleaning

  • Anode inspection and replacement

  • Foundation inspection

  • Marine growth inspections

  • Fall protection inspection and installation

  • Confined space entry support

  • Critical component inspection and maintenance

  • Refueling services

  • Generator installation and maintenance

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Corrosion repair and protection

  • Preparation, blasting, and painting/spray solutions

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From our world-class experience to our passion for solution-based offshore services, our team is here to help you complete any job safely and efficiently.

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