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Subsea Inspection

Cost effective, efficient solutions developed with client needs in mind.

Our team has years of subsea experience, gained in the European and global offshore wind markets, often in demanding environments. Our subsea solutions range from Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR), to scour protection, surveys, and routine inspections.

Our monitoring and inspections services ensure that periodic checks and inspections are completed, providing a full understanding of the subsea environment, and allowing timely intervention to solve minor problems before they become critical. Crucially, we identify risks and significant trends earlier, all as part of a strategy to reduce un-planned downtime and the resulting, associated costs.

PRE-LAY Grapnel Run/Route Clearance

An effective PLGR and Route Clearance is a critical component of subsea cable installation. Our team will provide a clear route for new cable installation, including the removal of any out-of-service cables identified during the Marine Survey. By removing subsea obstructions such as ropes, lines, and ghost gear, we can ensure that installation operations can be conducted without unexpected delays due to subsea obstructions. All recovered items are stored and sorted before being recycled, where possible.

Scour Monitoring

Scour monitoring is an important, routine countermeasure used to inspect scour protection and scour progress before foundation assets are compromised, as well as identify potential scour before it becomes a hazard. To do so, US Offshore utilizes a combination of visual inspection and measurement, high resolution multi-beam bathymetry (MBES), and side scan sonar (SSS). If required, we can deploy scour protection rapidly to mitigate any areas of concern.

ROV Survey, MONITORING, and Inspection

US Offshore provides custom ROV services and solutions to address our clients’ various needs. Marking sure to select the right tool for the specific job, including the Ocean Module V8 Sii Inspection ROV or the Sub-Atlantic Comanche WROV, we offer a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be deployed from a client’s asset or a US Offshore CTV.

Our ROV inspections allow us to show progress over time, allowing for the early identification of issues with grout and cathodic anode depletion, and the identification of flooded members. Additionally, by utilizing the Artemis system, we can conduct cable burial verification using a smaller ROV, thereby reducing the cost to our client.

Subsea Survey

Periodic seabed surveys, using a combination of MBES, SSS and ROVs, are used to identify cable exposure, Burial Depth (BD), free spans, and cable position. By analyzing and comparing periodic surveys over time, we can help identify issues before they become critical, and reduce the need for emergency and un-budgeted remediation works.

Cable Burial

US Offshore offers cable burial services to the offshore wind and subsea telecommunication industries, both in the US and globally. Our cable burial services range from the deployment of WROV, to the use of our class-leading diver assisted jet sled, all depending on location, client needs, and product specification. We focus on offering flexible and cost-effective solutions from 0m to 100m Water Depth (WD) that can be deployed globally.

Our Key Services:

  • Subsea scour monitoring and asset protection

  • Sensitive marine habitat monitoring

  • Subsea marine growth inspections

  • Subsea corrosion and steel inspection

  • Cathodic anode protection survey

  • Identification of maintenance requirements

  • Cable touchdown monitoring

  • Post lay cable and cable protection inspection

  • Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR) and route inspection

  • Visual grout inspections

  • Inspection of J-tubes and subsea structures

  • Cable burial and burial verification

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