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Crew Transfer Vessel

State-of-the-art multi role CTVs that deliver personnel, equipment, and services to Offshore Wind Farms.

At US Offshore, we are committed to operating our Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) with the highest level of reliability and safety in the offshore wind industry, while at the lowest cost. Our vessel designs focus on principles of safety and comfort for technical staff, as well as low fuel consumption for a greener and a more economical service. Our goal is for our vessels to be available to clients 365 days a year, achieved through diligent and efficient operation and maintenance.

In partnership with MHO-Co of Esbjerg, Denmark, US Offshore has developed state-of-the-art CTV solutions that are tailored to support the US Offshore Wind market. Our solutions offer high performance and cost efficiency and are capable of supporting a wide range of project requirements.

Our vessels range in size from 64’ (19.5m) to 115’ (35m). We offer some of the largest CTVs operating in the global market, allowing us to meet or exceed the technicians’ needs for space and comfort, while providing the ability to transport equipment, containers, and other goods.

Technician Support

Our CTVs are designed to transport offshore technicians safely, quickly, and in comfort between wind turbines, accommodation platforms, and ports.

We have ensured that the vessels have the size and safety to operate in the most challenging conditions – even when wave heights exceed 6.5’ (2m). Designed to deal with the toughest weather and operate efficiently along the US coast, our vessels reduce cost to the charterer, while also ensuring personnel, equipment, fuel and goods are transported on time. Each vessle, using its own crane, combined with our custom fender, can load and offload as close to the destination as possible.

As a wind farm taxi furnished to a high standard of comfort and function, technicians are able to relax and focus on the work and tasks ahead while on our vessels. Our vessel designs and operations strive to deliver technicians fresh and relaxed to their destinations, encouraging maximized work efficiency. As part of the borader operation to support technicians in being alert and rested - thereby ensuring safer, faster, and better operations - our vessels provide higher value than a simple transport solution.

Multi Role Solutions

Our CTVs are designed to ensure they can fulfil the various roles required to support every stage of offshore wind: from construction, operations and maintenance, to eventual decomissioning. We understand that having the right vessel offers operational flexibility and reduces downtime, and we have considered our clients’ extensive range of needs, far beyond moving technicians and equipment.

In addition to our specially designed fenders that allow us to safely dock at just about any type of turbine or offshore platform, our vessels have been designed to support diving operations, hydrographic survey, temporary power solutions, and the deployment of subsea equipment.

Our vessels have both the size and safety features needed to operate effectiively, even when wave height exceeds two meters. Deisgned and built to deliver high reliability and more operational days than other suppliers’ in the industry, our vessels allow work to be carried out faster, offering our clients cost and time efficiencies and more value than simple location-to-location transportation.

Hybrid Designs

Our hybrid propulsion packages set the stabndards for the future of CTV in the US. Designed by MHO-Co, global leaders in vessel design, our vessels offer an even more sustainable operation while maintaining the same high safety standard and large capacity for which MHO are known.

The electric motor in our hybrid vessels signifcantly reduces CO2 emissions: up to 475 fewer tons of CO2 emitted when compared to a traditional diesel-driven CTV. The electric motor also emits no particles while on standby, further and considerably decreasing the enviromental impact of the vessels’ operations, especially compared to other industry solutions.

Two hybrid vessels (the MHO Asgard and the MHO Apollo) are already in service in the European market.

About MHO-Co

MHO-Co was founded in 2015 by Mik Henriksen. Having built both aluminum ferries and crew transfer vessels, Mik Henriksen designs MHO-Co vessels with a focus on advancing the global standards of safe and reliable crew transfer, while also minimizing the financial and environmental costs of operating offshore wind farms.

At the beginning of 2019, MHO-Co launched the first of two twin vessels, MHO Gurli, followed by the second in May 2019, MHO Esbjerg. At the length of 39m, these catamarans are considers the largest CTVs in the world.

In 2021, MHO-Co launched two new offshore support vessels with hybrid propulsion packages, designed to be adapted for eco-friendly power-generating methods.

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