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Cable Landfall

Cable installation support for the offshore wind and subsea telecommunication industry.

One of US Offshore’s principal capabilities is shore end and landfall of submarine cables, utilizing a variety of methods to match the requirements of each project. We have led and delivered successful cable landfall and Direct Shore End (DSE) installations in multiple regions across the globe, with our teams specialize in challenging and environmentally sensitve locations.

Minimizing Cost and Delay

US Offshore provides efficient, cost effecrtive solutions that meet the needs and overcome the challenges of cable pull ins. Through effective planning and partnering, we deliver consistently high standards in cable installation and protection projects that reduce required costs and asset time. Aware of the many techincal and enviromental challenges involved in cable landings, we approach each project with non-stop attention to detail and practical, logistical, and project management expertise.

In addition to cable pull ins and direct shore end services, US Offshore also conducts Pre Laid Shore Ends (PLSE), providng more flexibility to projects with multiple landings.

Our Key Services:

  • Direct Shore End (DSE) cable landfall

  • Pre-Laid Shore End (PLSE) installation

  • J-Tube pull in support

  • Outfall pull in support

  • OGB Installation

  • Beach burial and trenching

  • Post-installation inspection and protection

  • Remediation works

  • Messenger line installation

  • ROV support

  • HDD outfall installation support

  • Crossing protection installation

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From our world-class experience to our passion for solution-based offshore services, our team is here to help you complete any job safely and efficiently.

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In Support of the Future

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