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Offshore Marine Services Backed by World Class Experience

Why US Offshore

Decades of Experience

With over 60 years of combined experience, our team is knowledgeable and proven in offshore services.

Delivering Excellence

Dedicated to your experience, we'll ensure your services are handled professionally and efficiently.

Commited to the Planet

We believe in the environmental impact of offshore wind and are committed to seeing it succeed.

About Our

US Offshore was established to help service and connect America and the growing needs of its offshore cable, and renewable energy sectors.

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Our Partners

Working with our select European partners, we are able to apply a wide range of knowledge and hard-won to the demands of the US market. As a team, we are dedicated to delivering greener, cost-effective solutions to drive improvements and efficiencies in the industry.

Sea Turtle

Commited to a Sustainable Future

Wind Mills

Explore Top-Quality Offshore Services

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