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Engineering and Project Management

Management and support services for the offshore wind and subsea telecommunication industry.

Our wide ranging experience allows us to support renewable infrastructure and subsea telecommunication projects within the development, construction, instrallation and operation phases. By applying our experience to our clients’ projects we provide additional value by ensuring decades of experience is applied accross key discaplines. Our project management and engineering solutions save time, money and resources.

Minimizing Cost and Delay

Major projects require customized procedures, tools and equipment to allow for cost-effective and creative solutions in challenging tasks. By applying engineering and project m,anagement expertise we develop solutions in partnership with our clients to ensure effecrtive solutions are executed efficiently, on cost and to schedule.

Our key services:

  • Design review

  • Sea fastening calculations

  • Pipeline and cable simulations

  • Mooring analysis and calculation

  • Project management

  • Risk management

  • On bottom stability assessments

  • Outfall cable pull in simulations

  • Feasibility studies

  • Desktop studies

  • Trenching feasibility studies

  • Specialized lifting operation engineering

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Why Choose US Offshore

From our world-class experience to our passion for solution-based offshore services, our team is here to help you complete any job safely and efficiently.

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In Support of the Future

Sustainability efforts are built into our DNA. Learn more about our commitment to the planet, diversity, and our community.

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