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About US Offshore

Who We Are

US Offshore is a US-based provider of offshore support services, dedicated to supporting the growth of windfarm and subsea cable projects across America and beyond. We provide a hub of world-class expertise and a diverse and proven team that specializes in challenging, remote, and environmentally sensitive locations across the globe.

Delivering topside, subsea, vessel, and engineering services to the offshore wind and utilities sectors, we are poised to meet the growing needs and demands of the US energy and telecommunications sectors. Currently, we are the only US-based provider offering solutions that leverage a global track record of exceptional delivery - while also actively transferring our knowledge and experience to develop the domestic workforce.

We are proud to be a leading force in the US offshore wind industry and to lead by example. We believe that a best-in-class service can be delivered on time, on cost, and in a greener and more efficient manner. We approach each project with a commitment to quality, safety, and a positive impact on the environment.

Our Origin

US Offshore was established to help service and connect America and the growing needs of its offshore cable and renewable energy sectors. We have a combined history, depth of knowledge, and range of experience that include projects delivered along the East and West Coasts of the US, South America, Asia, West Africa, and Europe.

With this background and a dedicated US team and operation, we can address and support the evolving demands of the growing US market. Bringing our global knowledge to the US, we are committed to growing domestic technical skills and ability, instead of just importing them.

Our goal is to steadfastly provide exceptional, trusted service and partnership. We work to understand all aspects of projects and their challenges so we can partner to develop and deliver the highest quality solutions and results.

We are a lean, effective, and candid organization of skilled professionals and problem-solvers who strive, at every step, to not waste time or resources. 

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Our Mission

Our vision is to create unique solutions for the US Offshore Wind Farm (OWF) sector that have been tried and tested in the North Sea and beyond, utilizing the vast experience of our team and our European partners.
By providing our clients with a range of innovative and cost effective solutions, our goal is to become a signifcant and meaningful part of the cleaner and cheaper energy transformation across the United States.

Our Team

We're always looking for new members to elevate our team, services, and mission.

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